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Ancient Harbour

Ancient Harbour

Our hotel is next to the metro due to ongoing  Project work occur during the Marmaray was a pleasant surprise İstanbul  the capital of the hidden aspests of the civilization may encounter at any moment. Port of Theodosius a Roman-Byzantina port.1,5km inside the port today’s settlement emerged from the sea towards the sea spacious, proof  of how much.         

In the region which 2 bizans galleon 45 are solid other remains were found divided into thousands. 

This former port and then the so-called Langa gardens and gardens of İstanbul as the needs of fresh vegetables used.Related foundling studies by the lnstitute of Underwater-Archaeology,Prof.Cemal Pulak teacher –led progress,Firts,the wood is expose to air for centuries under. Whether the measures to be taken to decay. 

Vessels found 11. century is thought to be .I almost never intact.ln addition ,the remains of many buildings that were deteced in the region .this is not the only important ancient finds from the excavations at the Marmaray.Very close to the area of 100 square meters in the district Vezneciler a mosaic floors. 

Keeping the mystery out of What you see can not see a large number of historical peninsula.

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